Ceecide Festival

After the coronavirus had a big impact on the music business, touring, merch sales, etc., a few friends and I started to put together an online music festival to help benefit artists and bands that have been impacted. 

What started as a joke between a friend and I, soon turned into a full blown music festival online. Being inspired by other festivals such as Square Garden by 100 Gecs and Nether Meant, we started work on contacting bands and getting all the technical streaming details worked out. Unlike other festivals of this nature, our festival had a strong focus on the music being performed live by the artists, and we can all say now that the live aspect had a huge impact on how fun and “real” the event felt.

We partnered with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to help donations get to artists on the bill and to other artists who are struggling.


When the festival was originally starting, it only had a few small bands that I knew personally, but as the scope of the festival grew, so did the bands that we got onboard for this. There were a total of 26 bands who played, they were as follows: Dogleg, Rome Hero Foxes, I’m Glad It’s You, Bad Luck, Alex Seigel, onumi, Abi Natesh, Champ Major, PowerPCME, Halloween Costume Contest, aether three (laptop funeral b2b deadsun), ADJC, Stefan James, Unusual Demont, blueberry, Puppy Parlor, GOVVNS, mary is, lunafreya, Flourysh, ceecide, lumious, Lost Ultra, worry club, .regular, and 11SIXONE.


During the two day music festival we were able to raise 700$ USD and reach over 600 attendees. Ceecide Festival was mentioned in Brooklyn Vegan and Buzzlands. The festival was also attended by Kitty, Tyler Barstow of Vinyl Me, Please, Dylan Owens, EchoDDT, ABGOHARD, DylAn of MSFTSrep, Max Schramp, and more.


Joe Anthony – booked bands, contacted sponsors & charities, soundchecked artists, hosted festival

ceecide – booked bands, contacted sponsors & charities, built Minecraft venue, organized Discord server, soundchecked artists

Link – built Minecraft venue, organized Discord server, soundchecked artists

Faarko – livestreamed festival on Twitch, edited performances for release

Mary – soundchecked artists, researched charities

Douglas Stewart – built Minecraft venue, researched charities

Lunafreya – soundchecked artists

Leslie – contacted bands

Brianna – soundchecked artists, hosted festival

Minecraft Venue

Since we started building the Minecraft venue a few days after starting on the project, we went with the idea to have the festival take place in a garage, just as if we were to attend an in-real-life house show. Though near the end of making the festival, the scope of the artists were larger than a house show, we felt like it’d still be a welcoming and homely place to hosts the shows. 

There was a total of ~30 houses, parks, a church, a spa, and even a plotline involving haunted houses and parallel universes.

click here to download the map

ceecide fest forever